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going to sleep without technology for 30 days | holisticmaya

It’s funny how life seems to throw challenges at you right when you need them. Yesterday that challenge came in the form of this video while perusing Reddit, a 30 day challenge of turning off electronics at 10pm. At first, I was hesitant to try it but the very fact that I felt this way was a sign that I need to do it and I know I do. As Maya said, I’ve become all too dependent on my devices. I’ve gotten comfortable with going to bed with my laptop, surfing the endless wave of the internet, especially on YouTube. Well, time to get uncomfortable because that is where growth starts, at the end of your comfort zone.

This will give me the opportunity to get back to reading nightly as I did when I was a youngin’, back to the nights where I would read volume after volume of the Dragon Ball Z manga. The timing is as good as ever since I have a lengthy list of books I want to read, including re-reading Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.

Let’s do this.

Til tomorrow,




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