Daily Reminder: Who Gives a F*ck?

Last night I came across this page on subreddit titled How Not to Give a Fuck. Naturally this piqued my interest since this has practically been a life’s mission of mine. Just as I expected, there were a multitude of posts consisting of self-improvement through stories, motivational videos, and other content on adopting this mentality.

When I first landed on the homepage I saw this post:

It was just the reminder I needed. There is really no telling how many times I’ve caught myself thinking the same thoughts, especially worrying about sounding stupid when talking to a girl.

Who. Gives. A. Fuck.

Again, the chance of becoming a human is 1/400 Quadrillion. In essence, that is a zero percent chance. Life is way too short and way to precious to ponder on thoughts that really do not matter. Again, doing so takes away from the opportunities the present moment holds.

My mans and the therapist got it right. Who cares? Thanks for the reminder.

Til Tomorrow




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